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On cold winter days when weather and water conditions are less than perfect, anglers may have to dig deep in their bag of tricks to catch cagey cold-water largemouths.

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Good Search Engine Tricks For Business Sites

      Search Engine Optimization There are many ways you can use to boost the amount of visitation that your business homepage gets. You …Read More

Carp Boilie Bait Recipes – For Top Nutritional Homemade Baits!

More and more carp anglers are making homemade baits! There is now especial interest in making homemade hook baits for winter and for single hook bait fishing for wary carp and for long range fishing where highlighting a hook bait …Read More

Night Fishing For Catfish – Enticing Trophy Catfish Into A Feeding Frenzy!

Equipment you will need: Boat Boat Anchors Separate 12v Battery To run lights Night Lights Submerged Lighting Live Bait Keeper Chum bag Rod Holders Heavy Bait Casting Or Spinning Rig Insect Repellent Night fishing for catfish can be a very rewarding fishing trip. Trust me If you do it …ReadRead More…

The Difference Between Premium and Discount Fly Fishing Flies

How big of a difference do premium fly fishing flies make to your day on the water? There are many out there advertising “Quality” or “Premium” fly fishing flies, but are far from it. A premium dry fly will land …Read More

Winter Carp Boilies And Secret Expert Fishing Bait Tips To Help You Catch Many More Fish!

You are probably expecting to find some kind of bait recommendations and tips you have read elsewhere but this is different! Terry Hearn in a recent Carp World magazine piece wrote about winter baits and carp digestion in such hilariously …Read More

Why Some People Prefer Crappie Fishing

Fishing for trophy can be quite difficult and at times even disappointing. This is especially true if the trophy fish you are trying to catch always breaks your line or simply takes away your lure. You should perhaps change the …Read More

The Best Fish for Use in Aquaponics Systems

When you make the decision to grow your own organic fruit and vegetables at home, one of the cheapest and easiest methods you can consider is to set up an aquaponics system. Choosing the right fish for the crops you …Read More

How To Make Homemade Winter Carp Fishing Baits And Irresistible Robin Red Boilies!

Robin Red is one of the most successful carp bait additives in the history of carp fishing! It is a true winter winner though and used now in readymade and homemade baits all year round too! How can you exploit …Read More

Rainbow Trout Fishing – Drift Fishing Meal Worms

One type of bait that often gets overlooked when you talk about rainbow trout fishing (except of course when it come to ice fishing) are meal worms. These weird looking “worms”, that look like a cross between a grub and …Read More

Make Small Fortune In The Fishing Industry

Make Small Fortune In Fishing Industry… ….now there is a headline you don’t see very often. In fact, I have never seen it. Unless you start out with a large fortune and slowly pitter it away while in pursuit of our …Read More

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